Here you will find our planned mating’s along with available puppies.

Our litters are carefully planned, we choose combinations very carefully,  considering their origins, health, phenotype and temperament. We try to maintain qualities that we consider valuable and important for a Boxer to have a full, happy and healthy life.

Our pups are brought up in family environment. 

If you are interested in one of our puppies please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Litter G - Expected for January 2022!

Litter F - dob 11/10/2021

Rus la Fler Capo de Tutti Capo x Almadinaks Infiniti

3 puppies, 2 females & 1 males

Litter E - dob 3/5/2021

Gurkha de Val de Cayone x Avangardbox American Dream

6 puppies, 3 females & 3 males

Litter D - dob 29/1/2021

Deene Iris Amoris x Almadinaks Infiniti

11 puppies, 6 females & 5 males

Litter C - dob 12/10/2020 

Almadinaks Uspeh Garantirovan x Ultra Ukrainian Bel-canto
5 puppies, 3 females & 2 males

Litter B - dob 10/02/2020 

Almadinaks Evropeyskiy Kod x Ultra Ukrainian Bel-canto
4 puppies, 4 males

Litter A - d.o.b 2/10/2019
Fausto de Val de Cayone x Almadinaks Infiniti
10 puppies, 3 males & 7 females

Litter Adds Collection